Yoga therapy, derived from the Yoga tradition of Patanjali and the Ayurvedic system of health care refers to the adaptation and application of Yoga techniques and practices to help individuals facing health challenges at any level manage their condition, reduce symptoms, restore balance, increase vitality, and improve attitude.

Massage Therapy



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Discover why our community chooses 'Back to Movement" for the vest massage care on the Northern Beaches.


Back to Movement provides a highly specialised massage therapy service with many years of clinical experience, allowing you to benefit from a skilled assessment and latest ‘hands-on’ management techniques.


121 million people suffer from depression worldwide. Stress and anxiety are linked to stroke, heart disease, car accidents and cancer and yet, people think that massage is just a fancy way of relaxing once in a while. Why don’t we consider massage therapy a faithful ally against disease, stress and pain? Why can’t we believe that it does have real health benefits?  Massage therapy promotes well being, harmony, relieves pain and it has countless benefits on your body, mind and spirit.


Our massage therapists serve the Northern Beaches of Sydney.


Our integrative health team in Sydney’s Northern Beaches services Narrabeen, North Narrabeen, Warriewood, Elanora Heights, Mona Vale, Bayview, Newport, Avalon, Palm Beach, Collaroy, Collaroy Plateau, Cromer, Wheeler Heights, Dee Why, St Ives, Brookvale and surrounding suburbs.


We wish you a harmonious, relaxed day!


Quick facts about massage therapy!
What types of massage exist?


There are ten types of massage that are very popular:









Please call 02 9970 7611 to make an appointment and ask the massage therapist at Back to Movement to describe all of them to you when you will go for your first massage session.


Please note not all massage types are available at all times.


What are the benefits of massage therapy?


Massage therapy works wonders for calming the nervous system, alleviating pain, making life good.


Here are some other benefits of massage:


  • increases joint mobility

  • reduces muscle spasm, relaxes and softens tense muscles

  • relieves pain for those who suffer from migraines, headaches and facial pain and reduces the need for medication

  • increases blood circulation and lymph flow

  • releases endorphins and fights depression


What can you expect from our massage?


The massage therapists at Back to Movement are working magic with their hands. If you look for a conservative treatment for your injury or wish for a safe, peaceful way to recover from any severe illness, need a pregnancy massage or a better way to prepare yourself for your next competition, call us and you will not be disappointed. Spa and massages are not just for celebrities to enjoy. This can become your way of life and a better one even.


How do I choose which type of massage is best for me?


If you need a massage to get rid of the daily stress and anxiety, a simple aromatherapy massage or a hot stone one will do the trick and make you feel better in no time. On the other hand, if you came looking for massage therapy for a specific purpose or if you had some specific needs in mind only the specialist will be able to recommend the best type of massage for you. He will also establish the massage frequency, devise a plan and set some targets in order to accomplish the goal that you had in mind when you started therapy. For example, if you need to relax once in a while you don’t need more than one or two sessions a month but if you are recovering from an injury or you suffer from chronic pain a weekly massage is mandatory.


How to get the best results out of your massage?


To get the best out of your massage therapy you will have to follow some rules. Drink a lot of water after you finished you session in order to get rid of toxins, eat a healthy diet, work out and keep the good habit of coming to the massage table once a month. You can refer others to us if you enjoyed your session at Back to Movement

















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Clinic Address: 1452 Pittwater Road (Cnr Walsh Street)

North Narrabeen NSW 2101 Australia

Telephone (02) 9970 7611

Postal Address: PO Box 478 Newport NSW 2107 Australia


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